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Probate Estates

Probate Estates

There are two things we all know are certain death and taxes.

Often we see the unexpected death of a loved one tear a family apart.  Some say the death brings out the worst in the survivors.  What we’ve found is that by using a measured approach to the administration of estates, we can often avoid the contentiousness we read about in reported cases.

We probate estates both big and small.  You’l often find us assisting the personal representative of the estate in Sevier County, Knox County, Blount County or Jefferson County.

Sometimes it’s necessary to probate a relatively small estate to insure that clean title to the real estate passes to the heirs.  Don’t wait until you’ve got a sale ready to close to find out that because the estate was not probated, you cannot give title that insurable by the title insurance company.

Occasionally the need to dispute the validity of a will arises.  We file and defend those lawsuits, often referred to as a “Will Contest.”